Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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We spend huge amounts of money protecting objects in our history but can’t seem to protect the founders of this continent Native Americans. They are this nation’s heritage and yet we still continue to betray their trust and life’s. Instead of trying to heal this deep wound inflicted on the protectors of this land we as a nation continue to allow atrocities to continue. They are the wisdom of the earth and we as a nation need to listen before we destroy the very place that gives us this sacred life.


Perhaps this gathering of Nations can be the creation of one voice that creates a new path for us to travel together. This is history folks. The US split Natives up and then made them compete for resources. They all are instructed to beg for grants but must compete for the money against each other. As The Offspring said “Gotta Keep em separated”. Perhaps it is time for all Native American Nations to stand together as one voice because divided is how they have controlled and kept out of sight. If all tribes with treaties came together and formed one voice like how federal government and states work. All treaty tribes elect voice and team to insure rights of all tribes are equally dealt with. This is amazing for me to watch as a grandmother once told me all Native Nations would someday stand as one voice or they would cease to exist. She claimed she had a dream where hundreds of chiefs on horses dressed for battle morphed into one giant warrior on a giant horse. When he spoke, she said it was like thunder, his words became reality. Perhaps she was not as crazy as I thought. She was Turtle Mountain but Native American first. We call it Indian Country but Indian Country will never have a true voice if we are always fractured. Being Native is not just blood it is also a spiritual way of living regardless what religion one practices. There is hope. Hopelessness has killed too many Natives and has to stop. Let this be the spark that started a revolution to save this precious gift of protectors of this sacred land BLESSINGS TO ALL WHO ARE STANDING STRONG. For those of us who cannot be there our heart and prayers are walking beside you. Please don’t let their hate and ignorance eat your soul. We protect animals that are going extinct but somehow human life doesn’t get the same degree of hope and help.

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