Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sorry Tri-Cities Solar Incentive ends.

Benton PUD, City of Richland, Benton REA and Franklin PUD have filled up their allotted amount for the Washington Solar Production incentive. The current law reads that the utilities can only get 0.05% of their power from solar by using the incentive. The incentive allowed solar customers to get paid up to $5,000 a year until 2020. The program lasts until 2020 but most of the utilities in Washington have capped out the 0.05% allowed. There was a bill earlier this year to change the minimum amount of 0.05% but it did not pass. If you use all Washington product they will pay you up to $0.54 kWh up to $5,000 a year until 2020. The good news is that we can still show a 5 year or less return on investment for commercial systems as we are not subject to the made in Washington clause and can pass these huge savings on to you. When combined with the Federal business solar incentives the ROI is very attractive. Customers can still benefit from net metering!!!

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