Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nissan: introducing the Fuel Station of the Future

nissan and foster + partners to develop the fuel station of the future
Nissan reveals an exciting glimpse into the future – with the first look at its fully connected vision of the future of mobility in association with renowned architects, Foster + Partners.

The landmark partnership, between the manufacturers of the world’s best-selling 100 percent electric vehicle and the leading design studio, concluded that the fuel station of the future could actually be the car itself.

Illustrated in this stunning video, featuring the best-selling Nissan LEAF and futuristic IDS Concept, Nissan’s transformative vision explores how our way of living might change as technology develops.

The collaboration, which concludes a 12-month consultation, offers a snapshot of what’s to come from Nissan’s vision for Intelligent Mobility; a world in which cars interact with their environment as populations adopt zero emission, Piloted Drive technologies.

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