Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Now That Climate Change Science Is Accepted, What's Next?

By: Eugene Wilkie

I have been following this climate change controversy quite closely for years as I own renewable interests and it seems to play a factor in our ability to finance renewable projects and products. I do not have any special interest or scientific training in climatology or atmospheric conditions or what effects them. What I do have that seems to be lacking in public forums is common sense. Common sense, if I fill my house up with smoke I can't breath and if left unchecked could eliminate any life left in my house. The same could be said for a natural gas leak in a home. Yes I know there are many other mitigating factors as far as the planet goes as it does have its own filtration system. I will leave that for the scientist to evaluate and expound on.

It seems the world has come together to admit we have a critical problem that has to be addressed NOW concerning the state and condition of our climate. So what is on the horizon and how do we get there for our country.

We are much more advanced in the progress of mitigating emissions then a lot of folks admit. Look at the amount of funds and schools that have divested from fossil fuel. Check out the stats for the amount of renewables currently installed. My point is I hear loud and clear from the fossil industry they know their days are numbered. I really think it is the reason we are seeing the clown act in the Presidential race as fossil is forcing their agenda on a party that does not seem to realize that the American people and the world for that matter, have spoken. It is rare for a politician to have a such a gem at their finger tips that could launch them into spot lights they never considered. That gem is everyone agrees they support renewables and are getting fed up with industry buying their vote. It would be a tough spot for any political party to not be able to use a fact that the people want but are unable to use it as a platform as the apposing industry owns you.

Think about this folks there is a political party owned by a dying industry who HAS to vote that party line. So if all the voters in your party have decided that we need to change directions drastically for the good of our country but you are running under a platform that does not support the requested change what are your chances. You can't run enough ads in the world to propaganda your way out of that one.

I read an article recently that questioned why the Democrat Candidates did not talk about climate or renewables. I will tell you why. It is the big gun that is going to lose Republicans a huge amount of support. This is not good. We the people need the checks and balances of both parties having representation.

I do not promote or recommend any political party as I do business with all. I support any political agenda that promotes the well being of the nation and the safety of our people. Supposedly our government was set up to protect and serve. How can you tell me you are protecting and serving me when we are fighting wars who's roots are founded in the fossil industry and that is your main financial instrument getting your seat in the political arena. That is only the tip of the iceberg of the unchecked corruption that has sprung from this seemingly endless amount of money generated in part largely due to subsidies fossils receive. So In a way they are using your money to manipulate government policy. BOTH PARTIES ARE GUILTY ON THIS COUNT. IS it the governments job to protect capitalism or its population as a whole. Our current system puts economics first. One needs to be financially strong to govern effectively right? The problem is those that are buying their vote are not paying taxes in the $billions and why? They bought the vote and get their right off. We need strong corporations. We need large capital generating companies. We need economy that provides employment for the masses.

The whole reason the founders set our government up this way was to have a healthy checks and balances system as it was a new experiment and they saw that it would need to change and grow. If business is now who makes government policies and the people have no vote in that checks and balances scenario we are screwed. Look at the damage we are dealing with right now from that. It will only get worse. I have to say I do not want my industry controlling the government either. You are locking your self out of innovations by taking sides with any industry.

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