Wednesday, December 24, 2014

(NOT) Sad But True -- "Job losses hit all but renewable energy across power sector"

Don't worry folks. Its called retraining and we have plenty of new and emerging jobs 

in the renewable energy sector. The work is easier and much more clean.

By Laura Barron-Lopez 
The electric power generation sector lost more than 5,800 jobs over the last three years, according to an Energy Department stat shop.
The losses hit all energy sources across electric power except for renewables, the Energy Information Administration said on Friday.
The non-hydro renewable electricity sector, which includes wind and solar, gained roughly 1,800 jobs, EIA said.
The decline among other sources matches declining electricity sales across the U.S. Also, wind and solar bring “few ongoing operations and maintenance jobs,” EIA said.
The drop in 1,750 jobs among the fossil fuel industry are attributed to coal plant closures. The data doesn't break down each fuel, but notes that the fall in coal jobs were partially offset by an increase in natural gas usage.

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