Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are buying up wind energy

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"In this July 28, 2014 photo, Rick Huffstutlar walks through a pasture at his home with wind...

By Chris Mooney
The Washington Post

As of now, the top three most widely used U.S. search engines, by a considerable margin, are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing. If you live in this country and you are actually online, there’s well over a 90 percent chance that you use one of them, according to the web data company comScore.
This we all know. But what few people realize is that if you are using these searches, it is growing more and more likely that you are also engaging in what is, in effect, a green pattern of Internet use.
The reason? Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are part of a growing number of tech and other major companies that are entering into long-term “power purchase” agreements (PPAs) with wind farms to ensure a steady stream of power, at a fixed cost, over a period as long as several decades. Most recently, last month Yahoo signed such a deal for wind power in the Great Plains with OwnEnergy, a wind energy developer.
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