Thursday, November 20, 2014

NOW! HYDROGEN Announces Release Of Revolutionary New Hydrogen Producer

By: Eugene Wilkie

NOW! HYDROGEN releases statement today of entering the hydrogen market with a revolutionary new electrolysis stack that produces hydrogen. What makes their product different is its ability to produce pure hydrogen with out having to go through expensive processing of separating out the oxygen from the hydrogen utilizing scrubber systems. One of the reasons I have been an advocate of solar is its ability to produce clean renewable power with minimal environmental impact. I believe the combination of solar and hydrogen is just common sense but hydrogen production was cost prohibitive, in my view, considering the processes I have known to separate out the two gases when splitting water. To be able to have a mechanical way to do this greatly reduces the cost. With this machine NOW! Hydrogen is able to produce hydrogen from water at a very low cost. See excerpt from website below.

NOW! Hydrogen has developed a revolutionary new design for a hydrogen electrolysis stack  system. What makes our system unique and market disruptive is our ability to eliminate any need for scrubber systems to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. We have developed a complete mechanical method of separating the oxygen from the hydrogen thus greatly reducing the cost and maintenance from producing hydrogen from water. The ability to produce hydrogen from water utilizing electrolysis has been proven for many years but the process of separating the two gases has been a costly additive. Our system is completely scalable which allows for many usages. We are currently seeking strategic partners to help us as we launch into the market. We believe that the opportunity for hydrogen production has reached a pinnacle in the market with the release of some of the major car companies entrance of hydrogen powered vehicles. If you are interested in becoming a partner or believe that your background and abilities could lend to our bringing this product forward please do not hesitate in contacting us.

              Despite the problems fuel users face with traditional fuel, the fuel market has simply become one of the world’s fastest growing and profitable industries in the United States.  In fact, it has been determined that fuel will continue to grow and quickly rise to the point that 75% of U.S. energy requirements are provided by fossil fuels.
Hydrogen Energy is also quickly transforming into a worldwide movement. Producers are working hard to keep up with the demand, as homeowners and corporations are made aware that electricity produced at the source of use has a tremendous impact on the finances of a home and of a company.  
If consumer interest wasn't already enough to make the hydrogen business boom, the government has judicially decided to get into the act.      
The Energy Conversion King-Pin
                Hydrogen is the key to a low cost, reliable, long term supply of energy from simple water.  NOW! Hydrogen has the solution to the traditional expensive fossil fuel sources problem to be replaced simply with water.
NOW! Hydrogen has created the fuel that  fuel experts have declared consumers need to finally have the dream of low cost, reliable energy delivered from a renewable source.   
The NOW! Hydrogen generator is a smaller, simple technology, half the cost of traditional hydrogen generators, and has a life time between failures (LTBF) three times longer than hydrogen generators .  The revolutionary NOW! Hydrogen generator is the result of technology implemented with intellectual proprietary property utilizing the application of power electronic engineering by Ronald Wilkinson.  This technology reduces component parts, eliminates fossil fuels , provides longer life, increased efficiency (96%) ,and economic savings to the end user.  Now the fuel dream can become a reality because the gaiting factor in the system, the generator, is finally benefiting from technology; i.e. NOW! Hydrogen Technology.
Review of NOW! Hydrogen Generator
The NOW! Hydrogen generator is a solid Hydrogen Fuel Generator with (3) three pat pending Intellectual Properties. The technology eliminates the dependency on fossil fuels and is half the cost of the leading Generator. Cost reductions are due to the elimination of fossil fuels
A majority of the companies that sell and install hydrogen generators are small garage inventors that have not been able to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. Many have seen fantastic results from the combined hydrogen and oxygen commonly referred to as Browns gas. Here again, the traditional generator is the culprit. The secret to the problem of separating the hydrogen production from the oxygen is the key to having the ability to run an electrical producing generator or combustible engine.

The conversion process of splitting water to produce hydrogen has been costly due to the process of having to scrub or separate the two gases. Like with any emerging technologies once there is public interest enhancements and ways to reduce cost begin coming forward. We are one of those companies. We have developed a stack that mechanically separates the two gases without using scrubbing technologies greatly reducing the cost of producing hydrogen. I see a couple of ways that renewables can integrate with the electrolysis process. One that is already underway using traditional electrolysis is the wind industry as when they are producing at night when there is not a demand for power it allows for storage of energy and then when needed in the daytime utilized with fuel cells or hydrogen gas fired generators. The other market I see as being viable is solar combined with electrolysis generating hydrogen fueling stations. It absolutely intrigues me that one can generate a clean burning fuel right at the location needed from nothing but electricity and water. We have figured out how to do this with a low BOM. Having said that there are already some pretty substantial companies that have popped up offering traditional electrolysis hydrogen generating on site stations so we are of the opinion that we will just market to these companies unless there is not interest then we will just go at it ourselves. It is an exciting time. At some point we feel that utility scale solar will be a viable market as they will be able to more easily garner PPA's by offering a base power generating profile thus not having to fit into the whole grid balancing scenario that has hampered the industries impact into market entrance. 


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