Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mercedes hydrogen-electric hybrid harvests solar and wind energy with its paint job

Article Abstract:
Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code concept car, with multi-voltaic paint

Concept cars are often amazing, as gifted engineers are given free reign to create a car that could never realistically succeed on the open market. Concept cars tend to take a particular concept or ideal and blow it out of all proportion, becoming too expensive, specialized, or downright impractical for the vast majority of car buyers. Still, even if only one model is ever actually made, these cars can have a big effect on the industry, showing companies and consumers alike just what can be accomplished when we set our minds to it. Toned-down versions of innovative concepts often make their way into more conventional vehicles, and we should definitely hope that turns out to be the case for a new concept car from Mercedes-Benz. The curvy masterpiece, called the Vision G-Code, is covered in special multi-voltaic paint that can generate fuel from both solar and wind energy.
Sleek lines and a surprisingly un-tacky wrap around windshield are just aesthetic touches on this rolling science experiment.

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