Sunday, November 9, 2014

Helical Robotics - Watch The Video It Looks Like Magic

By: Eugene Wilkie

Helical Robotics: Game Changing Robotic Solutions

We are living in a time when amazing technical advancements are leapfrogging into the market. Helical Robotics  is a great example of technical advancements utilizing elegant simple solutions combined with robotic capabilities. No it's not magic but it sure looks like it.

I first met the Helical Roboics team at a wind show several years back and immediately understood the potential of markets their technology was applicable in. While the applications for the wind industry was astounding I could not help but think of how many other industries this robotic platform could impact. I got to know the CEO and founder Bruce Schlee and his brother Keith Schlee quite well and it has been an honor to watch them grow and enter the robotics market from start up phase to where they are today.

First lets start with the wind which is best expressed in these videos. The applications are endless if you think of this vehicle as a platform. One could accomplish all inspections, painting, sanding, welding, and emergency maneuvers without endangering human life (several deaths have happened). Traditionally all these tasks are accomplished by folks dangling from the top on ropes. The beauty of Helical Robotics platform is the ability to size it up or down for the intended application. So it is just a matter of integrating other robotic functions onto their platform including the ability to use this in elevator functions.

Helical Robotics, HR-MP20, Winter Conditions Demo

Wind Tower, Fire Rescue Demonstration

The next application that was a natural progression was the ability to service ships. Once again this could be used for all inspections i.e. camara-xray-sonogram, painting, sanding, welding or emergency functions. As the platform is able to be sized up or down one can see how easy it is to integrate other robotic abilities with Helical Robotic's solution.

HR-MP20, Shipboard Navigation and Maneuvering

As you can see this technology has begun to develop quite the interest of other industries. Helical Robotics recently signed an agreement with Lincoln Electric (Article) which is a great launch into the welding capabilities combined with the Helical Robotics platform.

Cleveland & Oregon, Wisconsin – The Lincoln Electric Company and Helical Robotics® LLC announced today that Lincoln Electric has been granted an exclusive worldwide license for Helical Robotics’ proprietary magnetic robotic technology. This agreement will expand Lincoln Electric’s automation solutions to include the industry’s first trackless automated arc welding and cutting solution.
“We are pleased to add Helical Robotics’ breakthrough technology to our portfolio,” said Tom Matthews, senior vice president, Technology and R&D for Lincoln Electric. “Lincoln Electric’s leading arc welding, solutions combined with Helical’s magnetic platform technology, enables us to develop the world’s first omnidirectional trackless arc welding solution. We expect this solution will greatly expand the types of surfaces that can be considered for automated welding, and will dramatically improve the efficiency of metal fabrication techniques.”
The technology and platforms Helical Robotics develops allow for integrating industrial equipment into mobile magnetic robotic systems. The company will continue to develop and market its robotic systems in manufacturing, inspection and military, among other markets.

It is easy to see that the list is endless to what this platform can accomplish in numerous industries including all the military applications. Watch this company closely as they have many other advancements and are definitely strategically positioned to be the next big hit. 

Here is a list of several articles written about Helical Robotics:

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