Sunday, November 9, 2014

Every Renewable Consumer Should Visit Before They Purchase

By: Eugene Wilkie NOV 9 2014

Every Solar Consumer Should Visit Before They Get Solar

I have recently read several articles in the Media about the incentives for solar in the state of Washington. There were some mistakes and down right fallacies. is a website that does a great job in covering all the renewable incentives in the US  and if you have the time I suggest you visit. DSIRE is the most comprehensive incentive website that lists even the local utility incentives that may be available.

Purchasing a renewable system is a large financial investment and like any investment one should do full due diligence. There is a huge financial reason that solar companies offer a no money down, just make payments to them models. I am often asked the question should I own or lease solar. My answer is always own your own power. Companies that offer lease solutions with no money down are financial institutions installing solar that are making huge profits off you not understanding the large amounts of money available in the solar rebate programs (both federal and local). They count on the fact that most consumers of solar will not take the time to investigate and understand rebates. Please understand that the application process can be complicated and time consuming but the financial returns are astounding.The list of rebates I am focusing on are Washington State and federal based but if you go to the web site and click the map on your state you will find your states rebates including any offered by your local utility. A little self education can earn you a huge amount of money so this is very much worth your time and effort.

Washington will pay you up to $5000 a year to produce solar energy

    100% WA tax exemption for solar products and installation of solar

    30% Federal Tax Credit

    Federal accelerated depreciation (50% first year)

    25% USDA cash grant up to $500,000
Now! is the time for Solar
Don't wait until the rebates run out!

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